Family Benefits of Adopting a Pet 

Nov. 24, 2020

Family Benefits of Adopting a Pet 

If you or your family has been thinking about adding a pet to the family, congratulations! You’re headed towards an exciting new lifestyle with plenty of love, joy and laughter to look forward to. Some parents are apprehensive about adopting pets, especially if they have young kids at home. It’s true, adopting a pet requires a lot of time, attention, certain necessary expenditures and energy. Owning a pet is a commitment. But it’s a commitment that is worth it! When a pet comes into your home and you provide love, care and attention to them, you get so much more in return. Pets become like new family members and the bond between a dog or cat and their family is unbreakable. In case you or someone in your family is still not sure, here are some benefits of adopting a pet that just might help push them over the edge. 


Improves Your Health

Did you know that there are actually many health benefits that come with owning a pet? Unless you’re allergic, pets can really help improve your overall well-being. For starters, owning a dog will force you to become more active. Part of keeping a dog happy is taking him or her outside for daily walks, bathroom breaks and exercise. Even the most sedentary person learns to adopt new habits when there’s a dog in the mix. You’ll even find yourself taking your dog to open spaces like dog parks where they can meet and interact with other dogs. This is all part of enriching your dog’s life and it will rub off on you, too. You’ll find yourself going to national parks, beaches, hiking trails and more, all to keep your pup entertained, which will, in turn, keep you more fit and active! Pick up leashes and outdoor pet accessories in Daytona Beach at TJ MAXX, Ross Stores or Five Below at Tomoka Town Center. 


Teaches Kids Responsibility

If you have young, grade school-aged kids in the home, getting a pet could be a terrific learning opportunity for them. Most kids get excited about the idea of having a pet and will probably end up begging you for one. But it takes an extraordinarily mature child to innately consider just how much work and responsibility having a pet really is. So this is a great way to teach them about maintaining the things and relationships they love the most.

Studies in child development have shown that kids living with pets have reduced levels of stress, are generally more obedient and even develop better communication skills. Have fewer behavior and learning problems and are typically healthier overall. 

Give them the responsibility of feeding, walking, bathing and playing with a new pet. Hold them accountable when they are not keeping up with it and watch as they grow and develop new skills. Show your kids how to treat the animals with care, compassion and love. Younger kids will definitely require supervision when interacting with the animals. Overall, your kids will be happy and enjoy the companionship the dog or cat brings them. 


You’ll be Saving a Life

It is estimated that roughly one million dogs and cats in shelters are euthanized every year in the United State alone. This happens because there are way more dogs in cats in shelters than there are humans willing to adopt. When you adopt, you’re saving that animal from the chances of meeting the same fate. You’ll also be helping fight against puppy mills, which are factory-style breeding facilities that put profit above the quality of life of the dogs they sell. When you adopt instead of shop, you can feel good about having saved a life AND gained a new family member! 


Be Sure to Choose the Right Pet

The breed of cat or dog you adopt is very important. Evaluate your family and household’s lifestyle. Then do some research surrounding the breed of dog or cat you adopt. You’ll need to note things like the animal’s life expectancy, their diet, their temperament, their size now and in the future, how much they shed, and other details. Knowing all this ahead of time will help ensure you and your family choose an animal that is a good fit for everyone. 


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