Keeping your 2021 Goals in Full Focus

Jan. 21, 2021

It’s a brand new year – and after the year that just passed, we might all be letting out a collective sigh of relief! As we forge ahead into 2021, those new year’s resolutions or personal goals might start to get left by the wayside the more time passes. If you’ve ended past years forgetting what your goals were to begin with, don’t let this year end up the same way. Change up your approach and see your goals through. Here are some common resolutions and ways to keep your energy towards them fresh as the months go by.

Do More Reading in the New Year

These days, we do so much scrolling on social media and new sites that we may feel like all we do is read. But if you think about it, you’re most likely swiping through different ideas and different streams of unrelated information all the time. We become experts on cliff notes but often lose the ability to keep a focus on one topic at a time. We forget how powerful it is to delve deeper on a subject and really let it work on us.

If you’ve made a resolution to do more reading this year, you can kickstart your goal by planning an outing to your local bookstore. Spend time in the store and let yourself discover new, exciting titles. Maybe you have some books in mind already and you’ve thought about downloading them to your phone or on your tablet. Reading books on your devices is definitely convenient and may work for you, but be careful that this doesn’t get lumped into all the other information you absorb online. There is something to going to a physical store and feeling a book in your hands. Bringing new books home may be the welcome change that keeps you excited about reading all year long!

Don’t Let up on your Fitness Goals

This is the age-old new year’s resolution that never ends. Some might be sick of hearing this one, but it’s really never a bad time to set fitness goals! Staying active and healthy is a constant journey, so although this might be a cliche new year’s resolution, there’s absolutely no shame in making it yours!

Staying motivated and consistent with your exercise routines is possibly the most human struggle of them all. It’s not easy! So don’t beat yourself up about it. Start small and focus on building habits. If you’re a person who thrives off of accountability, maybe a workout accountability partner, a small workout group or a trainer is your best bet. If you prefer at-home workouts, investing in a good workout app that gives you organized exercises to do is the key. One thing that definitely helps is investing in some cute workout gear. Getting the right athletic apparel, training shoes or sneakers, trendy leggings and sports bras and more will give you a nice little boost as you’ll be excited to wear your new gear. Stocking up on at-home workout equipment like free weights, yoga mats, jump ropes, medicine balls and water bottles will also help.

Zen Out

There’s been plenty of talk about self-care and peace of mind as of late. This is a great new direction for anyone who has felt overwhelmed, stressed out or anxious in the past year. Studies have shown that stress has devastating effects on our bodies and minds. Find ways to help yourself ZEN out. Take up meditation, add ambient sounds, lighting and smells to your environment like with essential oils and candles. Pick up a yoga mat and some yoga leggings and yoga to your routine. Get some fluffy slippers, a new bathrobe and some bath bombs and take some bubble baths…do whatever relaxes you! Schedule some you time. Clear out your calendar for a day and give yourself a spa day. Whether it’s a mani/pedi at a nail spa, a lash appointment, or a massage, find ways to chill out and unplug so you can come back to your daily duties refreshed and rejuvenated!

Organize your Home and Office Spaces

Research has shown that cluttered spaces are connected to increased levels of stress. Nowadays, we’re all spending more time at home and even working from home which is more reason than ever to invest extra time to make these spaces, clean, clear, and conducive to peaceful states of mind.

Set good vibes at home with home decor like more plants, whether real or faux. Decorate night desks, coffee tables, shelves and desks with picture frames to surround yourself with your favorite memories in a stylish way. Hang art that you love around the house, light some fragrant candles, diffuse some essential oil or install ambient lighting. Get your kitchen cabinets organized, your desk space, bathroom shelves or sinks or any spaces that tend to get a little cluttered. After you’ve essentially “Marie Kondo-ed” your home office and lounge areas, you’ll feel a renewed sense of motivation, relief and energy to get your new year going strong.

Make a Vision Board

Planning your goals and keeping them in your mind is one thing. But actually seeing them laid out in front of you in a tangible way is a whole other. Make a vision board for your 2021 goals. This may seem a little silly or remind you of decorating your binder in high school, but there is something to being able to physically see what you want every day. Gather the supplies, like some magazines, scissors, glue and other crafty, decorative items at your nearest craft store and get to cutting. If you prefer creating a digital vision board, there are plenty of apps and software out there that are designed for exactly this. Whichever method you choose, you’ll thank yourself later and be surprised at how much progress you’ve made towards your goals at the end of the year.


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